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Kamaria Bluntson
Clinical Mental Health Intern

As a master’s level clinical intern, I work with clients to explore their strengths. I use reframing and challenging to help identify and change patterns. I work with children and adults using psychodynamic, art, cognitive, attachment, and resilience theories. I create spaces for people to be the truest versions of themselves and feel safe. Everyone has the potential for greatness, and everyone experiences barriers to meeting their potential. I have always been fascinated with resilience, it’s our superpower, the ability to face adversity and still thrive.

I wanted to be a therapist since I was a kid, I just didn’t always know what a therapist was. I had a roundabout way of getting here. I had many major changes in undergrad. I balanced being a student, mom, and fiancé. I sometimes worked more than one job. I worked in community theaters, youth shelters, recreation centers, taught in schools, and daycares but despite what job I had, I helped children and their families. I met people with unconditional positive regard. I listened without judgment and encouraged people to use their strengths and develop new ones to cope with adversity and achieve inner peace and a higher quality of health and life.