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5 Days of Diagnosing & Assessing Training

5 Days of Diagnosing & Assessing Training

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Are you tired of giving inaccurate or incomplete diagnoses for trauma-related issues? Our Preventing Misdiagnosing Training is designed to help counselors and mental health professionals accurately assess and diagnose trauma in their clients. This tool provides comprehensive information and assessment tools to ensure that trauma-related symptoms are not confused with other mental health conditions. With the Preventing Misdiagnosing product, counselors can feel confident in their ability to accurately diagnose trauma and provide appropriate treatment for their clients. Say goodbye to misdiagnoses and ensure that your clients receive the proper care they deserve with this essential tool for counseling professionals.


Learning the DSM-5 can be a challenge, especially for students and new professionals entering the Mental Health Field. This workshop will help reduce the anxiety in learning the DSM-5 within 5 days.


This is an interactive workshop design to ensure participants to remain engaged and empowered to learn. 


Date: Wednesday May 22 - Friday May 24
Time: 9am-4pm EST
Facilitator: Dr. Alice Leonce Stevens, Complex Trauma Expert


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