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Vanessa Harris
Prevention and Education Director

Vanessa Harris is the Prevention and Education Director with over 21 years of experience  working at the intersection of social justice, education, and learning design. Vanessa is a designer of innovative learning-centered education programs with knowledge of varied instructional delivery methods.  She served as program manager for an experiential education program for youth from around the world supporting student orientation and reentry as well as staff training and support. Vanessa has experience in the youth development field using program evaluation techniques to address community needs, with an emphasis on improving the quality of health and education programs. Vanessa is committed to using education as a tool for positive transformation with individuals and communities to address immediate and long-term challenges.  Vanessa earned her B.S. in Sociology, with a concentration in race and gender equity, from the University of Florida and her M.A. degree in International Training and Education from American University.